From Phoronix:

Highlights of the Linux 4.11 from our original coverage of the kernel developments this cycle include:

DRM / Graphics:

AMDGPU power management continues to mature with Linux 4.11. Likely due to TTM memory management improvements, Linux 4.11 is faster for RADV Vulkan.

– Intel has enabled frame-buffer compression by default for Skylake hardware and newer.

– Intel’s DRM driver also now handles DisplayPort MST audio. They added multi-stream transport capabilities a few kernels ago while this work is about allowing audio for DP MST displays.

– Intel also has initial Geminilake graphics support. Geminilake SoCs will be shipping later this year.

– The Nouveau DRM driver went through a Secure Boot code refactoring and based off that work NVIDIA even released the signed Pascal firmware for Pascal consumer cards along with code for bringing up accelerated support for the GeForce GTX 1050/1060/1070/1080. But that accelerated Pascal support isn’t landing until Linux 4.12.

TinyDRM was merged for helping to make DRM drivers for small displays/devices.

ASPEED AST2500 display support.

– Various other DRM driver and core updates.

Minor work done on FBDEV.

More can be read here.