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OK. OK. This is a tech site. Why am I posting this? I’ll tell you why.

As someone who glues himself to the computer often, I feel as if we tend to spend too much time on our devices.

For the regular people that get out and enjoy life, great. Good for you. People like me much prefer to stay inside where it’s safe and go outside when I absolutely have to. (The graphics are just TOO real out there, guys.)

I miss out on certain events. That’s due to time constraints.

Thanks to my partner, I’m able to get out more often and experience life.

And you should too.

You’ll miss out on a lot.

Plus, it gets you out of the house. And it forces you to be…social.

It’s OK to be scared. I am too. Talking to other people is such a drag.

Hear me out. Just look at my gallery. You’ll get to take some kick-awesome photos like mine.

My biggest highlight was seeing one of the last Anberlin concerts before they broke up in 2014. I’ll never forget that.

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Pretty cool, right? What I’m saying is, getting out makes us more social and willing to try new things. The updates can wait, guys.

Go spend time with your loved ones. Have fun and enjoy life.

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