This is a required assignment for school. Unfortunately, I was late due to severe flu-like symptoms.

From what I’ve heard, Convergence Media is a fancy word for WordPress blogging. If you were to call it WordPress Blogging Class, you wouldn’t be wrong.

In fact most of the assignments are focused entirely on posting to WordPress.

It’s not a bad thing.

If you want to find more details about journalism, the class does provide a book called Journalism Next that provides more information on how to better yourself in the media field.

I’ve used WordPress throughout the years. They have changed their blogging editor design drastically. The options aren’t hard to find, but don’t be surprised if WordPress decides to change it up.

When sitting up your blog for the first time, you’re given an option to pick a theme.

Changing a theme is easy. It’s simple-point-and-click, and choose. If you want your own domain with your own email and your domain, WordPress has you covered. You can customize the design where you see fit. If you want extra color pallets, that will cost extra.

Besides posting blogs, we are tasked with creating a specific blog tailored to a subject of our choosing. One may be a photo gallery of a landmark we visited, and the other could be an audio interview of a local musician.

Seems like we do a good amount of work.

What did I learn from taking this class?

Just because you’re a know-it-all doesn’t mean you’re a great editor.

Look, I edit my own homework at home. I hate using a Mac. Instead of ctrl-c for copy you got a special command key plus “c.” You can’t right click unless you press the alt key. To me, that’s ridiculous. Half of my mouse clicks are right-clicks. It’s like they do everything they can to make it the special-star-flake operating system.

I’d rather use Windows, Or Linux. Whichever works better with the programs I use.

I’d rather use my programs to do the editing. Audacity works fine for the audio since I have a microphone with a podcast switch built-in. If I want to do fancy audio editing, I’ll use Studio One. It’s overkill, but the audio comes out crisp and clear.

I could use a program like Avid to edit my videos and rely on Audacity as the combo would be just fine. At least the benefit of using Avid is many news organizations tend to use one form of Avid software.

For now, I use Lightworks Video Editor. I used to think I was the absolute best at learning how to use any program tossed at me, and ended up making a good video or audio

Well, good. Not great. They had several mistakes. I pride myself in learning how to use any program (with the exception of IDE’s) in less than thirty minutes and have the basic functions down.

At least this class taught me you’re not always perfect and there is room for improvement [for editing.]