Right off the bat, I started off this article with a bad headline. My bad. This isn’t meant to be a professionally written article.

I have taken a summer hiatus from this blog and focused on other projects.

I’m back now, partly to vent about my experiences with Sprint’s one-year free promotion going on.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I decided to buy a Moto E4 to test it out.

Considering you have to have a number to port out from, I assumed you had to port from a post-paid carrier such as T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon.

Turns out as long as your number doesn’t show up as a Sprint MNVO, you’re eligible to port.

Thankfully, I had a spare number thanks to Freedompop’s free service.

Keep in mind if you DO have Freedompop, you MUST set up an account PIN to port out. Instructions here.

The number they hand you is VOIP-based. When I popped in my number to the Twilio phone number lookup service (link is above), it showed up as “Broadband – Sybase.”

Since it doesn’t say the words “Sprint” anywhere in the carrier lookup name, I entered that number enter the eligibility checker along with my IMEI.

Sure enough, my device and number was eligible. I entered payment information for the SIM card and selected the shipping.

A few days passed and I finally got the SIM card. It’s a standard BYOD SIM.

I tried activating online with the link provided on the SIM kit. Once I got to the credit check, it failed. Turns out, this issue is quite common with quite a lot of people.

I had to call their number to activate my service. (It’s 1-866-782-8777)

After calling five representatives, picking up a second BYOD SIM kit at a local Sprint store, and cussing one rep out in the process of attempting to activate my service, I learned from a reddit comment that my Moto E4 needed a different SIM than the one they shipped me.

Turns out my phone needed an ISIM. Specifically, it’s the SIM with the model number “SIMGLW416Q.”

I’m just as confused as you are.

Because my device is an open-market device, Sprint says:

“Open-market Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Motorola Z2 Play and Moto E4 phones must purchase ISIM cards.

Frustrated, I go to a Sprint repair store and pick up an ISIM. Luckily, they just gave it to me for free.

I tried one more time to activate my service and this time it worked. 10 minutes of reiterating to the representative that I want on the free one-year promo, and I do not want a device protection plan for an unlocked device, they activated my device.

…And it’s having trouble provisioning. I wonder why? Turns out Freedompop still has my number.

Unfortunately, porting out a number on Freedompop can take up to four business days.


The next day, I called Sprint and they automatically see my device isn’t quite yet set up to receive data yet. Another five minutes and it finally works. I can call, text, and surf the web.

Needless to say, my experience with Sprint was awful during the initial setup. Maybe I should have read up more on what I needed to activate the service.

I’ve learned my lesson now.

The service works, so at least I got that going for me.

If you want to jump on this deal, realize some open-market devices require an ISIM. Sprint will run a credit check on you. After that, activating, and setting up auto pay for the $5 line discount, you should be good to go.

Your average bill amount will be between $2-4 a month, depending on taxes collected on the line.

Sprint should define what SIM cards are required to activate the free one-year of service.

If they did, it would have saved me from calling in to customer service.

Other than that, there are no major drawbacks yet… Unless you’re trying to set up a VPN service. Maybe it’s just me.